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According to a research, six of the seven billion people globally now possess mobile phones. Mobile technology is on the rise at the pace of light; and undoubtedly we cannot disagree with the fact that mobile apps have become an inseparable aspect of the digital ecosystem in which we tend to live. To name a few, from finding directions, hiring a cab, ordering food to saving memory notes the first thing you look out for is your device. Subsequently to endure in this scenario you ought to keep with the latest mobile app development trends. Here are top 5 mobile app development trends that have shaped the digital ecosystem in 2015.

1. Cloud Driven

The cloud technology has a major contribution in mobile app development in 2015. With the upswing in the popularity and usage of multi-facet mobile devices software developers have to pace up for integrating and synchronizing their apps in juxtapose with emerging trends. Where the cloud approach is concerned, it will assist the developers to code their applications as per the features of multiple devices.

2. App Security

Hacking and information leaks have accumulated mass consideration in 2014. And as per a report, about 75% of the mobile applications failed the basic security tests. The programmers put in unswerving efforts intruding the security gaps in mobile applications to snap crucial information. In 2015, the developers seriously need to act upon mobile app security stipulations.

3. M-commerce, Banking and Mobile Payments

There has been a significant shift of retail ecommerce sites from web to mobile apps. As per an e-marketing survey, the majority of the ecommerce sales, so far in 2015, have been made from smart phones. And it is strongly believed that in coming years this trend will completely take over the web sales tendency. Google wallet and Apple pay will allow the users to pay online without using debit or credit cards.

4. HTML 5

HTML 5 and its development techniques have gained huge popularity in 2015. With the emergence of this technology, more and more businesses will implement the hybrid mobile apps that will easily work on multi-facet platforms.

Traitsys Technologies, an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, caters all your business tech needs by providing best in class services like web development, mobile application development and maintenance etc.
<![CDATA[Tips To Design A Top-Notch E-Commerce Website]]>Thu, 30 Jul 2015 07:18:25 GMThttp://traitsystechnologiespvtltd.weebly.com/blog/tips-to-design-a-top-notch-e-commerce-website
Are you planning to sell online? So therefore, you must have a well-defined e-commerce plan which is as crucial as your unique business plan. While defining your e-commerce plan, you ought to keep in mind the present shopping trends as well as what they will turn out to be five years down the line. Firstly, all you need to do is classify your website goals in compliance with the type of experience you wish your online customers should have. Initially it is essential to answer the key questions like who are your potential customers and what do they need. Subsequently, settle on what array of products or services you tend to offer. How will you design the layout for displaying the same?

After deciding on the above mentioned factors, leap off to the next step wherein you need to get your domain name registered. The later but foremost challenge is designing and building your real-time website for marking significant online presence.

It is well stated that people judge the book by its cover. So what will make your website aesthetically appealing?

An ingenious website outline is inclusive of the following aspects:

Content: Rich content is the key to a successful website. The content should be informative that it incites your customer to buy your products or services.

Layout: Decide on the number of pages your website will have and how they'll be connected to each other. It is always better to make use of attractive graphics and icons to enhance the content.

Navigation: Always design the navigation is such a manner that it facilitates a smooth navigation experience to the customer. 

Credibility: This is a major factor that shouldn't be missing in the bells and whistles of creating a website. Your website should be portraying a sense of authentication and confidence which stimulates the customer to confidently buy your services.

We at Traitsys Technologies aim to develop the most creative and top-notch e-commerce websites integrated with features like excellent user interface, customized structure and layout, multilingual support and more.

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After invention of smartphones and tablets, a large number of online users have started browsing on these gadgets. Therefore, web designing companies such as Traitsys Technologies Pvt. Ltd. have introduced a responsive design platform that allows websites to adjust in all types of screen resolutions according to the screen of the device. Whether it is a mobile screen or a laptop screen, websites will automatically adjust to every screen size to provide the best browsing experience. In 2013, responsive designing was introduced first. It has created a big revolution in the web world.

Following are some prominent reasons why you should have responsive design for your website:

Flexible: Sites with responsive design are very flexible. The content, images and even videos, loaded in a site can easily adjust to small screens of mobiles and tablets. The images and the grids of such sites are fluid.

Audience Reach: According to a survey, 40% of online users prefer to browse sites on their tablets or mobiles. It means if your site is not mobile friendly, you are losing a percentage of audience. Reach them by having responsive web design. It enhances the site traffic rate by increasing its visibility.

Terrific Offline Browsing Experience: There is no cut in the screen size. It means all content is visible. The HTML5 offline browsing capability of responsive sites allows easy access with a single click. 

No additional Mobile site: It saves your money that you might plan to spend on creating an additional mobile friendly website. It is an old trend to own two types of websites, one for system browsing and another for mobile browsing. Your one site is enough to operate on both the platforms, which is a great saving of money as well as time.

Effective SEO Campaign: Maintaining a mobile friendly site and a desktop friendly site, means duplicate content, which is a crime as per Google. Having one responsive site doesn't promote duplicate content. You can make your SEO campaign successful and effective with it.

<![CDATA[‘Traitsys- Offering best App Developers to organizations’]]>Thu, 02 Jul 2015 12:59:40 GMThttp://traitsystechnologiespvtltd.weebly.com/blog/traitsys-offering-best-app-developers-to-organizations
Application development is a creative task which requires a mix of expertise and technical knowledge. Subsequently, finding a right App Developer becomes essential. Developing App for mobile from a specialist is something which everybody needs to do as just a flawless App Developer can help you in maximizing your profit margin for the business related with that App.

Before selecting an App Developer, check and guarantee these parameters:

·    Always prefer the App developer who is familiar working with diverse cell phones. Instead of sparing cash in the initial stage, choose to pay for hiring a good application developer whose work will pay you at the end. Those having experience of working on different mobiles and platforms can cater you with great service. Keeping in mind the most recent & popular Android phones, iPhone and other smart phones which will dependably help you in framing a rough sketch for your own App.

·    Before finalizing your App Developer, bear in mind to check their references. This will give you a thought regarding their dependability. Prefer selecting a result oriented designer and developer who can convey their work task on time. You can likewise enquire about the applications made before by the developer.

·    Checking the work experience of the App developer is one of the most important parameters which must be met. This will help you in evaluating the abilities of the developer. Make enquiry in regards to their past undertakings to discover the innovations done by them while developing mobile application. Creative components in the application are useful in attracting clients.

·    Make a rough work with respect to the elements which you need to have in your application and evaluate the past work of your developer on this basis.

Application development is a major obligation. Choose 'Traitsys Technologies Pvt Ltd' which spends significant time in android application development and will offer you service according to your remarkable work requirement.
<![CDATA[‘Traitsys’ – Empowering the Staffing in organization]]>Tue, 30 Jun 2015 10:14:45 GMThttp://traitsystechnologiespvtltd.weebly.com/blog/traitsys-empowering-the-staffing-in-organization
For every organization, Staffing Solutions are a boon in the era of market competition. It not only helps in increasing the flexibility in the staffing, but also in gaining access to the highly skilled and qualified workers with experience. The overall performance of the staffing team helps a firm in gaining the financial prosperity as well.

The skills and potential required for meeting the need of temporary and contractual workers, on-call workers and permanent workers is directly correlated with the long term profitability of the firm and depends on attracting and retaining clients.

There are certain obligations and burdens like legal hassles, on-boarding & off-boarding of employees, statutory compliances, etc. which an organization has to fulfill in order to perform special assignments and projects by recruiting skilled professionals. But with the staffing solutions by Traitsys, a firm need not go through all these additional overheads.

By having an access to highly skilled professionals, a firm can meet its corporate cost structures and project deadlines. A good staffing solution is required for identifying, sourcing, recruiting, and retaining the human resource in the organization. All the strategies and tactics required in this process are provided by our staffing solutions.

We at Traitsys Technologies, help the organizations by recruiting and hiring employees and assigning them to supplement their regular workforces. With an aim to provide assistance in different work situations such as employee absence, seasonal work pressure and shortage of manpower, we help organizations in fulfilling their ongoing manpower requirements.

With a commitment to inculcate process excellence in all our services we also ensure a secured career for the candidates by helping them in getting hired by the niche clients. Our staffing services support the organizations in reducing their cost overhead, and help them in focusing on the core operations.

<![CDATA[Features of Super Staffing Team by Traitsys Technologies!!]]>Mon, 25 May 2015 07:13:02 GMThttp://traitsystechnologiespvtltd.weebly.com/blog/features-of-super-staffing-team-by-traitsys-technologies
We at Traitsys Technologies Pvt Ltd believe that one of the most important things during the initial stages of setting up of any business is to choose the right kind of staffing service provider. Here are a few features of an efficient and reliable staffing service provider:

·         Efficiency:

Every member of the team must have the ability to do his/her work efficiently. This includes strong time management skills and the ability to complete tasks efficiently. An efficient team manages the work in a very organized manner and they make sure that there is no inconvenience to their clients. 

·         Patient and calm:

The staffing team should be patient and calm, they should be good listeners in order to fully understand the problems and goals of the clients. Only if they listen carefully and thoroughly to both, the jobseeker and the client, they will be able to understand what their needs are. 

·         Communication skills:

Staffing team facilitates communication between employers and employees. This means that they should be experts in both oral and written communication skills. They need to have strong communication skills so that they can convey information clearly and effectively to the clients. 

At Traitsys technologies, we make sure to train all our employees to inculcate all these valuable traits, so that they become capable of serving the clients in the best possible manner.
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Companies are willing to offer their customers more ways to interact with them regarding products and services by developing mobile applications for the same. Mobile app allows users to view similar data which they used to access on the company’s website.

Below given are some of the advantages of having a mobile app, for the companies:

  • Increase in productivity, cost reduction and enhanced sales performance are some of the direct profit making opportunities which a mobile app gives to the business firms. 
  • Mobile app helps a business firm in creating new markets for the current products and helps in selling or new products in the current market. Many companies are even building their entire business models directly on their mobile applications. 
  • These apps allow better communication and engagement of potential customers with the companies which ultimately helps in increasing the customer as well as employee satisfaction.
  • By developing a custom mobile application, companies can achieve more flexibility in delivering their services which address the current industrial need. It allows the easy integration of mobile with the core business processes and allows a firm to accommodate specific business requirements into the application.

Mobile application has become the widely accepted method to improve the various business processes by removing the time barrier for the customers. ‘Traitsys Technologies offers its clients a broad spectrum of mobile application development services.

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